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Division 8.2 Non-destructive damage assessment and environmental measurement methods
BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 8104-3272
Fax: +49 30 8104-1447

Researcher-ID: E-9217-2011 (
Research areas
* Non-destructive testing in civil engineering,
* Development of non-destructive testing: new application
* Full scale fatigue testing: Riveted structures
* Materials testing: Steel of the 19th century
* CFRP-strengthening: integrity of bond
* Cause analysis of failure/ defect

Curriculum vitae
* 29.11.1954 in Berlin, daughter and son
* 1973-1978 study in Slovakia (CSSR)diploma as Civil engineer, Technical University of Bratislava, Slovakia
* 1975-1977 Technical assistent TU Bratislava
* 1978-1980 design engineer for industrial buildings Keramoprojekt Trencin (CSSR)
* 1980-1986 Structural engineer for the assessment and reconstruction of existing industrial buildings Bauakademie, Institute for Industrial Buildings,
* 1986-1990 Materials Testing in ASMW Berlin, Department for building materials
* 1990- now Federal institute for materials research and testing (BAM)
* 1990-2003 BAM div. 7.2 Structural engineering: Full-scale fatigue testing, materials testing, field studies, failure and cause analysis)
* 2003-now Non-destructive damage assessment and environmental measurement methods
* introduction of measurement methods (Infrared thermography in load tests, bond behaviour under increased loading, acoustic emission laboratory study, ultrasonic measurement)
* 2009-2014 PhD-procedure at the University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

Important research projects
* 2004-2007 Sustainable Bridges (EU FP6) Assessment and strengthening of railway bridges
* 2007-2009 CHEF (EU FP6) , Cultural Heritage Protection against Flood
* 20011-2012 National project: Bond condition of CFRP strengthened concrete bridges 10 years after strengthening
* 2009-2013 SmartEN- Initial Training Network (EU FP7)
* 2010-2013 MAINLINE (EU FP7), member of the advisory committee

* member of IABMAS
* Listed as nominated member within the ISHMII-Corporate member BAM
* since 1996 member of the ECCS-TC6 “fatigue”
* since 2009 Member of the experts group for strengthening of concrete structures by means of externally attached fibre reinforced polymers and other plates in the German DIBt
* German Construction Technology Platform

Standards, recommendations
* ECCS-JRC joint report: Assessment of Existing Steel Structures: Recommendations for Estimation of Remaining Fatigue Life

* German, English, Slovakian (active)

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